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Vermiculture &
Worm farming!


Composting worms

We raise Red Wiggler earthworms (Eisenia Fetida) only
Sold by the Thousand (Adult)
1,000 Worm minimum order (see products page for details)

Effective Spring/Summer 2017
We are currently unable to entertain any NEW contracted installation and training services. We will be reassessing our availability to do so leading up to the end of 2017 growing season (fall). We hope to offer some large-scale system installation and training workshop opportunities. Please stay tuned to our facebook page for those announcements and details. 

All Phases of Vermiculture Systems

  • Design
  • Installation
  • Start up & supply
  • Training
  • Maintenance
Don't be intimidated by the big words! Our joy &  bread'n butter is the residential green thumb who is tired of expensive chemical fertilizers; And has some interest in prolonging growing seasons, improving overall plant & vegetable health, yield and flavor. Not to mention addressing  run-off issues. A good gardener is a responsible gardener. Let us break down our services a bit more.

Contracted Design and Installation

We will either design or help you design a system to fit your needs be they a larger outdoor worm bed or a smaller kitchen or basement  "all season" system. One can *vermi-compost in a rubber-made tub, so space is of no real constraint. Installation simply means we stick the finished system where it needs to go then guide you through the initial setup for a healthy worm environment. We supply a starter culture to jump start your system saving you a good week as far as letting your system adjust and stabilize itself  to favorable worm condition.

Training and Maintenance

This simply means educating you on some of the finer aspects of maintaining a healthy habitat that will eventually provide you an ongoing source of organic fertilizer i.e.. nutrient rich plant food. Maintenance is simply offered at the customer's discretion. We do like to check in when time permits to see how your system is doing and that you are happy with it's progress. "It's" progress... Vermiculture systems are indeed living things so it is important to remember it will require some minimal attention in order to flourish. Like most things in life, the more you put into it the more you will get out. If ongoing maintenance and care for your system is desired, we do offer continuing care and maintenance through contracted services as availability allows


We are able to supply you with red wiggler worms from our farms. Alternatively, we are happy to recommend some other reputable suppliers that offer other breeds of worms as well. We raise and promote red wrigglers (Eisenia Fetida). Years of experience has proved to us that pound for pound considering hardiness, composting efficiency, and ability to proliferate, red wrigglers just inch out all the rest. 


Simple vermiculture systems (Bins) found throughout the industry


Various worm bed ideas & styles..

Functional Landscaping

By now the many benefits of living "side-by-side" with eisania fetida should be abundantly evident. Even so, here at SVF we don't believe it has to be an untidy relationship. Functional landscaping as related to vermiculture is simply that...functional. We are able to offer just about any option as far as size, location, and design creativity. Pretty much...any shaded outdoor porch or deck area that  you can fit a flower bed on, we are able to design and or install a functional system for. Paired with flower boxes raised beds and the like our systems can be as creative as your mind can take you. We take the concept and make it functional for composting and habitat friendly for your worms. 

If ordering worms for local pick-up or delivery please allow at least two days for picking. We don't get the worms out of bed until we know they have a new home ready. It's in their contract...

Please call or email us to place your order