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        Organic Gardening offerings   

*Please note that our products are seasonal...that is to say our access to them is seasonal. In the end mother nature dictates our ability to fill your order immediately. If this is the case, you will be contacted.

*Summer call volume is a real seasonal challenge. If you do not receive a call back within 48 hrs, please email us at: Sunlight hours are spent out in the fields. We are best able to reply during early evening hours or via email.

2017 Natural organic Products & Prices

Composting Worms (Eisenia Fetida)

Quick check-out (1-3 thousand
 Prices in drop down include shipping.- emailed order & shipment confirmations to follow. Please double check your email address on PayPal to ensure confirmation - *Paypal account not needed*

Bulk discount rates at 6 thousand & up *Pick up only and prearranged

* We ship 1-3 day priority mail via USPS flat rate shipping boxes.  Your shipping rate will depend on  the size of your order.

Cultured Vermiculture/Worm Bedding (unlimited shelf life)

Large bag………………………….$10.00 
*good for approx.. two cycles of an 18gal simple bin OR approx. 2 levels/trays for Worm factory & Can-o-worms systems.

Concentrated Worm Castings/Naturally organic fertilizer                         
*Please ask us for quantity recommendations. Chances are you may not need as much as you might think. This depends greatly on the target application purpose i.e.fertilization vs.amending/soil building.
Castings usage sheet

Our production Standards and Process
Our buckets
 - ( 1 size) 
5 gallon repurposed food grade buckets hold 25 lbs of castings

Seedling starter mix

5 Lbs…………………….$6.00
10 Lbs……………………$11.00

Custom Potting mixes
Our specialty mixes are made to order. Prices will depend on necessary ingredients & amounts needed based on the plants in question. We have had exceptional results with a variety of normally finicky plants.

We now have custom mixes for square foot gardening. Just let us know your crops and your plot size.

 Compost “Worm” Tea (in recycled/re-used containers)


Tea Bags

Pre-made compost tea bags are here!!! Using pure aged vermi-castings. All you need is a bucket of water.

1 Lb bag....................$5.00 - Brews minimum of 25 gallons
5 Lb bag..................$10.00 - Brews minimum of 60 gallons

Product Details

Composting Worms by the thousand
Eisenia Fetida AKA Red Wigglers! Healthy adult reproducers, eager to work.

Vermiculture Bedding -
Already got a vermiculture system? Try our pre-made bedding. Your worms will thank you for generations to come.

Worm Castings/Naturally organic Fertilizer -
Well aged earthworm castings. Full of red wiggler cocoons waiting to hatch out new soil tillers for you. Does not go bad over time and will store forever. 

*Pre-mixed naturally organic fertilizer-
Don't fret mixing or "cutting" your castings. Our pre-mixed blend is already in ready-to-use form. Hand-mixed with only OMRI listed peat-moss. An excellent source for organic matter.

Seedling starter mix -
Starting from seed? Get a leg up on spring, but be careful. Go from tray to ground 2-3 times faster with our starter mix. Sprout and root development is insane!

Custom potting mixes -
Our Master Gardener custom makes your potting mix based on what type of plant you indicate. OMRI listed components only, mixed with our organic castings. Our African Violets,Amarillas,Begonias and Coleus have yet to complain.

Compost “Worm” Tea
Fantastic for spray misting and watering of indoor and outdoor plants & vegetables. Amazing natural pest deterring properties too! We offer summer lawn and garden spray applications (tea service) which are perfect for families with pets or children. 100% Non-toxic so you all can get right back into your yard right away. 

Tea Bags

Pre-made compost tea bags are here!!! Using pure aged vermi-castings. All you need is a bucket of water.

1lb bag....................Brews minimum of 25 gallons
5 lb bag................... Brews minimum of 60 gallons

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