Starr Valley Farms
                                               of Ann Arbor

We have concluded the 2020 season and have closed for the rest of the year. We will not be taking orders of any kind until 2021. 



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Welcome to Starr Valley Farms...where man meets nature halfway! 
In today's fast paced world the importance of taking care of our earth has taken a back seat to just about everything else. Starr Valley Farms has the belief that little steps in the right direction will eventually get us to where we need to be. We also understand that most people will do what is right if they know how. A good friend of ours always says "When you know do better."
Many people don't realize how easy it really is to go green. With minimal effort and little adjustment to our daily routine we can participate in a truly symbiotic relationship with one of earth's most interesting creatures.


Organic produce and gardening knowledge are always at a premium...

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Vermiculture (worm farming) is a growing green industry with a huge draw for the hobbyist as well. Part of our mission at SVF is to disseminate information on the benefits and simplicity of the area. It is hard to believe that a relationship with tiny unassuming creatures such as worms can not only benefit man but planet earth as well. 

Organic produce and garden knowledge are always at a premium for good reason. Both are part of an extremely healthy lifestyle. We believe that vermiculture is the missing link in the organic equation. Use of our systems and products can help you cut out the middle man, making vermiculture an incredibly wise and economical proposition. Not to mention it is great hands-on fun! A wonderful way to introduce our youth to a very interesting life cycle. From decay and degeneration new life springs.