Starr Valley Farms
        of Ann Arbor
Our Farm
Although we reside in Ann Arbor,  our main farm - what we call "The Big Farm",  is located in Dimondale MI about 20 miles south of Lansing  as the crow flies. The primary function of the systems and worms at this site is castings production as well as being a looped in and permanent component of our family's traditional farming operation. We also raise meat cows, chickens, turkeys, ducks, rabbits,  pigs and of course...WORMS!   

Our "satellite" farms OR
....the "s" in Starr Valley Farm(s)
We either maintain or are otherwise partnered through installation and training contracts with close to 20 other individual sites within about 120 mile radius of Ann Arbor. The uses for these systems ranges from agricultural, to waste dispersal, municipality, medical, and very often... educational/functional in school settings.
You can check out our general path of travel 

Field trips and  Visits:
Although we are really tickled with your interest we are unfortunately unable to entertain visits to the Big farm. We are a fully operational farm with above average risk factors for young children or folks generally unfamiliar with farm conditions and environments. i.e. tt's a substantial liability issue to have city slickers and youngin' running around out there. Likewise, this is largely a 1 person operation and time demands associated with livestock farming are extensive. Couple this with the range in which we travel, and  time for non-farming specific activities becomes minimal. Truth be told, there really isn't to much to witness on a one-time visit.
The wigglers are typically not visible in their true glory, as they hang out within the bedding layer and usually not directly on top where we can see them. Those few that are readily viewable are only there for a few seconds. As soon as the sunlight hits them they dart back into the nooks and crannies of the bedding and food. The main wow factor is something that happens over the course of days and weeks as one observes the changes and overall
degradation of very large amounts of material. 

Order pickup
Pickup Locations: At time of pickup scheduling you will be directed to pickup your order from 1 of 2 locations. The Washtenaw Food Hub at 4175 Whitemore Lake Rd, Ann Arbor MI 48105, OR Our home residents in town proper - if after regular hours or rush order situations apply. You will be supplied that address as needed.
Order pickup availability is seasonal. Certain times of year it is not possible for us to schedule a pickup time and shipment of orders is the only option. You will be notified in advance.