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Community Works & Green initiatives


Participating establishments contribute organic waste for vermicomposting on Starr Valley Farm. In return they can receive either organic treatment/application of on site plants or great discounts on our products. They will also be listed and linked to on our site with the ongoing total pounds composted. Lastly, they will receive a huge feeling of satisfaction and pride in knowing they have played a part in lessoning the carbon footprint of our fare city. Please contact us for further details. 


Who we have worked with...and what they are doing

SVF would like to acknowledge Iris Waste Diversion Specialists, LLC and Founder Sarah Archer for her work not only in the greater mid-Michigan area, but with us here at Starr Valley Farms as well. Sarah's extensive background in the fields of Education, Waste Management, Sales and Marketing (to name only a few) make for an immeasurable wealth of knowledge. An ongoing business networking relationship with Iris has done nothing less than benefit SVF and so we give thanks! Take a look and see what Iris can do for you. Iris Waste Diversion Specialists, LLC

MSU Extension Master Gardeners *Proud Member Washtenaw County

Michigan Master Gardener Association - Master Gardener College 2013
We were thoroughly honored to be invited to attend and give a vermi-composting workshop. A fantastic event and highly recommended to any Master Gardenr.
We'd like to thank Nancy Stone, Chris Simmons, and Lisa Perscke for hosting an exceedingly informative course and giving us the opportunity to share what we know with all participants. Learn more about becoming a Master composter! 
Washtenaw County. Michigan Master Composters on  Facebook:

Washtenaw County MSU Ext. and 4-H 
Many Thanks to  the Wash Co. 4-H Clover Bud Day camp counselors and staff and volunteers. The experience was memorable and we'd love to come back again. Hopefully we helped to spawn some future worm farmers! 

Project Grow Community Gardens 
SVF is proud to be working with Project Grow on a number of events again spring/summer 2014. 


Ann Arbor Center for Independent Living and Ava HaberkornHalm for coordinating

Eberwhite Elementary School (a Michigan Green School) and educator David Corsa for coordinating waste pick-up and information sharing.

Marion Township Garden Club, Howell MI (Thanks to Kathy Alward for coordinating. Louis! You guys were great and we had one of the best receptions ever!!! Thanks for making us feel welcome)

Lakes Garden Club, Wolverine Lake Village, MI (Debbie Malbin and the rest of "the gang" Thanks you all for a very warm welcome, fantastic questions and a few really good laughs!)

Western Wayne County Master Gardeners (What a strong MG group. You all represent a healthy and active committed core of awesome gardeners. Thanks for your continued patronage!)

Saline District Library
- Now this is a Library! Katie Mitchell, thank you so much for the invitation and welcome. Really enjoyed learning some Saline history from a proud resident! 

Ann Arbor local Schools 

You guys Rock! We are looking forward to many more invitations through The Agrarian Adventure - Farmer in the classroom program. But feel free to contact us directly too.
Tappan middle School and Emily Canosa
Angel Elementary
Skyline High School
Eberwhite Elementary School and David Corsa
Pittsfield Elementary School and Jennifer Barcelata

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