Starr Valley Farms
        of Ann Arbor

Starr Valley Farms is a local family owned & operated green business. We promote self-sustained living with emphasis on environmentalism and conservation.

Worm bins & beds come in all shapes and sizes. 
Chances are you already have the makings of a good home. We'll help you set it up!

Composting through vermitechnology is the essence of what we do and teach here. The harvesting of organic fertilizer derived from the process of artificial proliferation of earthworms specifically. When we say artificial it simply means providing optimum food and habitat conditions for our worms to flourish.
paper, cardboard, leaves to name only a few things worms can turn into 100% organic fertilizer.

Our family has been vermi-composting for over 30 years. Our story is not unique and in fact you might relate. Basically we are farmers, novice green thumbs and avid gardeners who over the years have sought to cut costs, improve crops, and live in better harmony with mother earth.The Starr in Starr Valley Farms

One of our unique offerings is custom design and installation of vermiculture systems. We train our customers in current vermi-techniques and also offer ongoing maintenance services depending on your needs and system size. Initial vermiculture system setup can be labor intensive where trial and error just simply dosen't make sense especially considering that we are working with living creatures. Let SVF take the hard work out of it so you can get to wormin'.

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